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Foreign Career Seekers Looking To Work In Canada

Are you a foreign worker looking to work in Canada?

Working in Canada can be a wonderful opportunity that can lead to permanent residency. At Migranet we are a fully licensed, dedicated foreign recruitment firm dedicated to recruiting foreign workers that are currently looking for a job in Canada.

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Are you a foreign career seeker looking to work in Canada?

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Foreign Worker Services

Migranet assists all foreign nationals looking to work for Canadian employers from start to finish. By removing barriers to entry and the headache involved in relocating to a new country, the transition to your new home will be seamless and stress free.


Resume Preparation & Marketing

Knowing where to look for employment in a new country is difficult, attempting entry into a foreign job market can also be scary, Migranet helps you make the transition successfully by getting your resume in front of the people that matter. 

Relocation & Settlement Services

We offer orientation tours and settle-in services that help you with the key challenges of moving countries. We can help you find a home, search for a suitable international school for your children, teach you about public transport and more. 

Customized Training

Many industries and positions in Canada require employees to have certain certification or training. Migranet can arrange customized training for candidates, that can be taken either before or after their arrival to Canada.

Airline Ticket Bookings

Migranet helps employers and their new foreign workers arrive to Canada safely and on time by booking the employee's plane ticket.

Work In Canada:

Canadian Work Permit & Visa Processing

A work permit is a legal document permitting a foreign national to legally work for a Canadian company inside of Canada. With the Canadian government issuing around half a million work permits to temporary foreign workers from around the world each year.

Canada is considered a prime destination for foreign nationals who are seeking employment opportunities, with coming as a foreign worker being an excellent step for those seeking to immigrate to the country permanently.

Open work permit

An open work permit will allow you to work for up to 48 months in Canada. This permit is not specific to any one employer. You can switch jobs any time you like.

Closed work permit

A closed work permit will allow you to work for up to 48 months in Canada. This permit is specific to a an employer. If you want to switch jobs you will need to get government approval.

Seasonal agriculture

This will allow you to work in Canada for the agricultural season only. These work permits are typically 8 months from March to November. The dates may change depending on the industry.

Live in caregiver

This work permit will allow you to work in Canada for up to 48 months as a caregiver who lives with their employer. This permit is employer specific.

Spousal open WP

This work permit will allow you to work for up to 48 months in Canada for any employer. Your spouse must also hold a valid work permit in Canada.

International experience

An open work permit for people under 35 who want to work and travel in Canada. You can work for any employer for up to 48 months.

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