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Staffing. Recruitment. Immigration.

Foreign Recruitment Agency in Canada

Since 2017 Migranet Inc. has established itself as a innovating leader in streamlining global business development systems. With a history in immigration services, international recruitment and immigration technologies.

Thanks to our streamlined recruitment and in depth screening process's, you can rest easy knowing your company will continue to grow and the employees you hire are reliable and professional.

The leader in workforce solutions

Recruit Foreign Workers As A Long Term Solution

Since 2017 Migranet Inc. has curated and developed a streamlined recruitment process for employers from beginning to end. Helping provide a long-term solution for Canadian companies experiencing high employee turnover rates and labour shortages in the current job market.

Temporary Foreign worker benefits

Employer risk is greatly minimized through our extensive recruitment process which includes:

Active pre-screening

Psychological flight risk assessment 

Candidate interviews

Some Elements We Review In Your First Assessement


Employer Requirements

We review your business and it's eligibility for the Canadian foreign worker program


LMIA Conditions

We review all factors they may impact the LMIA including, special job requirements and contract length

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Candidate Experience

The type of worker experience, education and skills the employer will be looking for in their candidates

Industries We Specialize In For Foreign Recruitment

When it comes to foreign recruitment in Canada we know about hiring within your industry. Top candidates are picked through our personalized recruitment process and service for the appropriate positions available within your company.



We are proud to showcase some of the many clients that have chosen Migranet to help with their staffing needs in reducing the impact of labour shortages and high turnover rates. (formally known as: Intention 7 Inc)


Employee meeting


Are you looking to recruit foreign workers in Canada?

Construction Managers

Job Seekers

Are you a foreign worker looking to work in Canada?

Family at Airport Gate


Are you looking to immigrate to Canada?

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