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Foreign Worker Recruitment Agency For Canadian Employers

Fill out the form today to receive a free company assessment for your eligibility to hire foreign workers in Canada to help with labour shortages and high turnover rates.

In today's job market Canadian employers all across Canada are struggling with serious labour shortages and high turnover rates. These are serious issues for companies looking to maintain steady growth and increase productivity in their industries. 

If you are an employer struggling with these issues and looking for different options in fulfilling your needs, you could greatly benefit from utilizing our foreign recruitment agency in hiring foreign workers in Canada.

Some Of Our Satisfied Clients

Migranet's Process To Help Canadian Employers Hire Foreign Workers 


Migranet is a fully licensed recruitment agency in Canada with satellite offices & partners located in several countries across the globe. We work hand in hand with our partners and Canadian employers hiring foreign workers with the purpose of eliminating labour shortages and filling in the gaps for employers. 

In addition to helping Canadian employers recruit foreign workers, Migranet works with a fully licensed team of immigration consultants who assist in handling the legal procedures required by the Canadian government when hiring foreign workers.

If you're a Canadian employer hiring foreign workers through Migranet's foreign recruitment service you will benefit from our beginning to end full cycle service. We take the lead and make each step simple by doing all the heavy lifting for you, from sourcing the perfect candidates and evaluating their applications, to managing all immigration documentation required for the Canadian government.

Getting Approval To Hire Foreign Workers

In Q2 2022 statistics Canada reported that were record high vacancies above 1,000,000 creating a vast labour shortage, ranging from construction to support staff industries. 

In response to these labour shortages the Canadian government has focused heavily on multiple programs to facilitate Canadian employers to hire foreign workers.

However, Canadian employers looking to recruit foreign workers must meet certain criteria before obtaining approval in hiring foreign workers.

labour shortages.png

Considerations for employers looking to hire foreign workers


Employers most likely will need an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)


Employers must not have laid off an employee within the last 12 months for reasons related to shortage of work

(Excluding seasonal positions)


An employer may hire foreign workers in Canada if they already have an OWP (Open Work Permit)


Canadian employers can only hire 20% of their total current employee count with foreign workers.

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