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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the recruitment process?
    At migranet we follow a strict and comprehensive recruitment process for all of our clients, ensuring all foreign workers chosen according to the job specific requirements meet the employers standards. Performing in-depth reviews with all potential clients. Performing in-depth language testing on candidates. Reviewing all education, training certificates, and past work experience. Facilitating a second live interview between the candidate and employers through video conferences. Allowing the employer to meet the candidate first hand and make an effective hiring decision.
  • Where does Migranet recruit workers from?
    Migranet operates out of several countries through multiple streams of partnerships for effective international recruitment, these countries include: Jamaica South Africa India Dubai Taiwan Phillipines Indonesia
  • How many foreign workers can an employer hire?
    As of April 30, 2022 and until further notice, you are subject to a 20% cap limit on the proportion of temporary foreign workers that you can hire in low-wage positions at a specific work location. The cap is to ensure that Canadians or permanent residents are considered first for available jobs.
  • How long does it take to employ a foreign worker?
    The length of time involved in employing a foreign worker will depend on multiple variables including, the position you need to fill, the province your company is located and whether or not you already have an LMIA approved. The entire process could take anywhere from eight weeks up to eight months, with the 3 main steps in the process being. meeting all employer conditions required by the Canadian government including advertising for the new position, processing and obtaining the Labour Market Impact assessment (LMIA) in Canada, and processing the work permit for the selected candidates. Once Migranet has conducted an in-depth assessment of your company and evaluated the legal requirements your company must meet to hire a foreign worker, we will create a schedule of the entire process and timeline for you, giving a accurate representation of how long it will take for the foreign workers to land in Canada and begin working.
  • What if the worker doesn't work out?
    When you choose Migranet for your staffing needs, all workers come with a 3-month performance guarantee where we will replace any worker who doesn't meet your standards. We are so confident in our foreign workers and their ability to perform above and beyond what you as employers will require of them, that if one doesn't work out and is not performing to your standard within the first 3 months of employment we will replace them FREE OF CHARGE.
  • Do workers pay a fee for getting the job?
    No. It is illegal in Canada to charge workers (foreign or local) for a job.
  • What if i want to terminate my foreign worker?
    As with any Canadian or Permanent Resident, you can terminate their employment for just cause in accordance with Provincial labour laws.
  • Can a foreign worker leave and work for another employer?
    Their work permit issued from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) stipulates that they can only work in their occupation, location and for the employer stated on their work permit and LMIA application. A temporary foreign worker can seek an LMIA from another employer and re-apply for a Work Permit if they wish to change employers.
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