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Canadian Employers Foreign Worker Recruitment Agency

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Migranet Inc. is a fully licensed foreign worker recruitment agency. With more than 17 years of experience in immigration services and international recruitment.

Integrity & Ethics

Acting in a honest, fair, and responsible manner throughout our business


Treating every individual with respect regardless of the circumstance


Staying ahead of the competition  with new and bright ideas


Consistent focus and drive in helping others achieve their goals


Showing up everyday with a positive attitude knowing we get to help others


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Who We Are

Migranet was founded by our CEO in the year 2017 with the mission of helping both businesses and individuals achieve their goals. 

We look to help businesses by reducing turnover, filling vacant positions and aiding in maximizing your companies profitability. We are able to help businesses achieve their goals through our deep understanding of the labour markets and help our clients create the high-quality, diverse and agile workforces they need to succeed in any job market.

With global connections spanning over several countries, we look around the world to help make a positive impact on society and everyone involved by helping people to realize their true potential throughout their work and personal life.

What This Means To Job Seekers

In a world becoming increasingly reliant on technology, we still know it's the human side that has the most crucial impact on a businesses ability to succeed.

A job is a crucial component of a candidates life, but what's more important is chasing a better life for themselves and their family.

Our aim is to help foreign workers achieve their goals of landing a good job in a Canada and reaching their potential by finding a position that's the right fit for their skills and strengths. Helping them settle into their new home in the pursuit of happiness.

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What This Means To Employers

We know that real connections are not made of of data and algorithms, but with the individuals we choose to interact with.

We make a difference in our clients lives by connecting them with candidates who have the skills, talent and ambitions to drive their business forward.

Our foreign workers are extremely excited for the opportunity to pursue a new life and their dreams in Canada. They show this everyday by being the best version of themselves as possible, showing up everyday grateful for the opportunity to be apart of our country and work for Canadian employers.

Our Foreign Recruitment Network

With 17 years of experience in immigration and recruitment, we have created a network of specialized recruitment and immigration agencies around the world. Allowing us to source workers from multiple cultural and professional backgrounds, ensuring we find you the perfect fit.

The main members of our foreign worker recruitment network are located in:

  • Dubai

  • Saudi Arabi

  • India

  • Taiwan

  • South Africa

  • Jamaica

  • Indonesia

At migranet we strive everyday to match our clients candidate requirements by working directly with our foreign worker agency network. We look to recruit qualified, experienced, optimistic and hard working employees. We look for highly devoted individuals who poses the ability to adapt to the Canadian workforce and in turn highly reduce our clients turnover rates and job vacancies.

We believe in our foreign worker candidates ability to satisfy our clients needs and fulfill the positions they are placed in that we offer a 3-month performance guarantee or we replace them free of charge. 

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