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Building stronger teams and driving organizational excellence in the Canadian workforce since 2017

Who We Are 

We are Migranet a staffing and immigration firm, dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations in Canada to achieve their goals and dreams. As a trusted partner, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to meet your needs.


For Canadian employers, we offer a range of staffing services including recruitment, payroll solutions, and Employer of Record (EOR) services, ensuring a streamlined and efficient workforce. For job seekers, we assist with job placements, guiding you towards fulfilling opportunities. Additionally, we specialize in immigration services, helping immigrants navigate the process, settle in Canada, and embark on a new chapter of their lives. With our holistic approach, we are committed to making a positive impact, fostering success, and building a brighter future together.


Staffing Solutions

Migranet is a leading staffing services agency based in Calgary, Alberta, offering a range of specialized services tailored to Canadian employers. With a focus on local recruitment, we are dedicated to helping organizations unlock the potential of the Canadian workforce. Our comprehensive suite of services includes Employer of Record, Payroll Services, Direct-to-Hire, Temp-to-Hire, and Temporary staffing solutions.



Our Direct-to-Hire service streamlines the process of finding and hiring permanent employees by presenting a carefully curated selection of highly qualified candidates to meet your organization's needs.



Our Temp-to-Hire service allows Canadian employers to evaluate the performance and suitability of temporary professionals before making a permanent hiring decision, ensuring the right fit for long-term employment.

Payroll Services


Our comprehensive payroll services provide Canadian employers with accurate and efficient management of payroll processing, tax deductions, and statutory remittances, saving time and minimizing administrative burdens.

EOR Services

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Stay agile in today's business landscape with our Temporary Staffing Solutions. From seasonal support to specialized skills, we've got your staffing needs covered. Partner with us for a flexible workforce that supports your success.

International Recruitment


LMIA Application


Foreign Recruitment


Work Permit Application

In today's job market Canadian employers all across Canada are struggling with serious labour shortages and high turnover rates. These are serious issues for companies looking to maintain steady growth and increase productivity in their industries. 

If you are an employer struggling with these issues and looking for different options in fulfilling your needs, you could greatly benefit from utilizing our foreign recruitment agency in hiring foreign workers in Canada.

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